Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun Review

Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun Review

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Under 200$ massage guns are booming right now: It is because they offer exceptional therapeutic features within a comparatively better price.

Regardless of the price, the Addaday Biozoom is one of the best ‘yet underrated’ massage guns in the market right now. Recently, the addition of Bluetooth features increased its therapeutic and market value. 

This Bluetooth feature and the Addaday app’s connectivity allow users to have similar characteristics as Theragun and Hypervolt. Therefore, we consider Biozoom one of the most advanced percussion devices.

Owing to its recent upgrades, this review will focus more on comparing Addaday Biozoom with other massage guns along with its individual. If you want to skip the boring part, you can jump to the composite “Comparison.”

Addaday Biozoom Specification

Addaday BioZoom (with Bluetooth) Features
FeaturesAddaday BioZoom
Stall Force70 lbs
Stroke Length16 mm
Speed options5: Customizable via app
Battery Life3.0 hours [Removeable]
Noise ~62 dB
Weight2.3 lbs
Number of Attachments5
ProsMost advanced massage gun for the money.
Brilliant construction.
Equally good for beginner and professional therapy.
Extraordinary grip.
ConsNot good quality attachments.
Only one year warranty.
Our Rating9/10
Overall Review:Totally worth buying.
Price:Check Price

Addaday BioZoom In-Depth Review

Addaday is one of few massage gun brands that is deeply rooted in the therapy industry. Along with providing percussion massager, they manufacture ten units and even massage chairs. 

In massage guns, they offer diversity with Biozoom Bluetooth, their flagship model.

Design and Built-Quality

The necessary overlay of Addaday Biozoom is similar to other Handheld massage devices like hypervolt and LifePro Sonic. But it is quite different from others due to its compact and minimalistic look.

The Addaday BioZoom has an LED screen that displays critical things like battery and massaging modes. 

The power button is also located in a way that the index fingers can easily control them. Moreover, the rubber-coated battery serves as a grip and is super ergonomic.

As an Addaday Flagship, BioZoom owns a top-notch built-quality. In addition, the textured pattern of rubber makes this a particular massage gun.

Stall Force and Stroke Length

Addaday BioZoom warm-up and recovery
Great for accelerate warm-up and recovery.

Stall Force and stroke length determine percussion and, ultimately, the choice of a massage gun. Both stall force and the stroke length of Addaday BioZoom are exceptionally high; they are comparable to Theraguns

A surprising feature of Addaday BioZoom is its ability to vary both the stall force and stroke length. This thing enables it to be used as both a soft and deep tissue massage gun.  

Owing to such a brilliant percussion force and depth, BioZoom is one of the ideal recovery devices both for professionals and beginners.


The first Generation BioZoom had five speed-options. In the Bluetooth version, the number is kept the same. But the difference is in the ability to customize this speed via Bluetooth. 

Like the 4th Generation Theraguns, and Bluetooth Hypervolts’, BioZoom can virtually have countless speed options. 

In addition to these speed options, BioZoom has a percussion range of 1000-3000 percussions per minute [almost the same as many other massage guns].

Thus, in terms of speed, Addaday Biozoom offers a diversity along with advanced control.


Addaday BioZoom for muscle soreness and pain
Use it for muscle soreness and pain.

Unlike many other features, the noise is not improved in the Bluetooth version of BioZoom [compared with the first-generation Biozoom]. Still, the noise is not ample to disturb you.

Compared to other flagships like Theragun Elite, LifePro Sonic, and Ekrin B37s, the noise almost feels the same. But with the powerful motor, this much noise is easily tolerable.

But keep in mind, BioZoom is not among the quietest massage guns in the market.

Battery & Weight

BioZoom has a removable battery that can last for around 3 hours. But if you use the device at top speed and power, it will barely survive more than 1 hour. 

On the other hand, massage guns like Theragun PRO, LifePro Pulse FX, Ekrin B37, and Hypervolt Plus have a long-lasting battery life despite their high powers. Thus, BioZoom is not truly exceptional in its battery life.

But as the battery is removable, spending some money to purchase a spare battery can be a good investment for the BioZoom. 

Weight, on the other hand, is similar, if not less, than most other flagships. This perfect weight is due to the polymeric construction of the device.

Attachments and Portability

BioZoom Attachments Portability
BioZoom Attachments and Carrying Case

Ideally, five attachments are excellent for any massage gun. About 60% of all massage guns come with five attachments. 

Despite the same number, Addaday tried something different with their attachments. But this change is not liked by many experts and users. Thus, their attachments appear bizarre. The quality of these attachments is also not very impressive.

A similar trend has been seen in Portability. Typically, they don’t provide a carrying case. For a carrying case, you have to pay an extra 30$.

But if you spend some extra money, it will be worth the price.

Exclusive Things in Addaday Biozoom

Regardless of price, not every massage gun is capable of having exclusive features. Fortunately, Biozoom is a member of the Elites.

Addaday app
Addaday App to control the device.

Addaday BioZoom has a Bluetooth that allows the massage gun to connect with the Addaday app. Like the Therabody and Hyperice app, you can control the device via an app and have built-in massaging modes for different muscles.

As a Great recovery device, the Addaday app could sync with Apple health and other apps to help you track your recovery performance.     

Similar to Theragun’s Force meter, Addaday has a stall force gauge in the app that proves beneficial for therapists.

These are the few things that make Addaday a special massage gun.

Price vs. Features

Almost all massage gun brands have their flagship way above 300$. But Addaday is different from the rest as Biozoom is around 200$.

As Addaday BioZoom has many remarkable features, we consider their price to feature ratio one of the best in the market. Ekrin B37 and LifePro Pulse Fx are few other massage guns with great price vs. features ratio.

Comparison with other Massage Guns:

This is the most crucial segment of the review because only this can determine the top-performing massage gun.

Addaday BioZoom vs. Theraguns’

Theragun Devices are in their 4th Generation, while Addaday BioZoom has a second generation. But despite the late arrival, Addaday is perfectly competing with Therabody Devices.

Addaday BioZoom and Theragun Mini [least expensive Theragun] are of the same price. But BioZoom features similar to the 9 Theragun Elite. Thus, Addaday BioZoom offers many Theragun features at far less cost. 

Owing to its features and price, we consider BioZoom our #1 choice for Theragun Alternative.

But if your budget to buy a Theragun, you will have fantastic design and features better than BioZoom or any other massage gun. 

BioZoom vs. Hypervolt & Hypervolt Plus

Like the Addaday BioZoom, Hyperice recently upgraded its hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus to Bluetooth versions. Thus, both BioZoom and Hypervolt/Hypervolt plus are almost similar in their advanced features.

In Basic percussion, BioZoom is better than both the hyperice devices. But Hypervolt beats Addaday Biozoom in its top-notch construction and Hyperice’s increasing brand equity

Overall, BioZoom will be a great choice than Hypervolt/Hypervolt plus due to its lower price.

BioZoom vs. LifePro Devices

LifePro Fitness offers several massage guns with 9 Pulse Fx their flagship. Owing to the unique design and brilliant percussion, LifePro Devices holds a particular place in the massage gun industry.

Thus, Addaday BioZoom, despite having Bluetooth and advanced features, couldn’t be called a better choice than Pulse Fx. 

Against LifePro Sonic, BioZoom will not be an advanced massage gun but also better in percussion. 

BioZoom vs. Other Massage Guns

Ekrin B37, Opove M3Pro are some other massage guns prevalent nowadays. All of these have certain captivating features. In percussion, BioZoom might be similar to these massage guns, but its advanced options make it one step ahead. 

So, if you prefer Addaday BioZoom as your ultimate massage gun, you will not regret choosing it.

Addaday Reputation as a Brand

As mentioned in the start, Addaday is a long-time manufacturer of therapy equipment. In 2019, the 1st Generation Addaday gained a lot of praise but not as much as it should. 

Addaday massage gun brand

Similarly, 2nd Generation BioZoom cannot attract as many customers as other brands like Hyperice and Therabody.

Recently, Addaday released its few other massage guns, including BioZoom edge, BioZoom Pro, and BioZoom Jr. 

Despite the release of several devices, Addaday lacks marketing, so they are not getting proper attention.

But regardless of marketing, Addaday products are of high quality and provide excellent value to their customers. Therefore, after testing, our team added them to their best massage gun brand list.

Addaday BioZoom Review – Closing Thoughts

Addaday is not too much into the market; it is slightly difficult to compare them to other massage guns. But with the diligent effort of our team, it has become possible.

Throughout the review, we tried our best to avoid unnecessary things. Still, if you feel anything is there, our team is open to criticism. For personalized queries, visit our Contact page.

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